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Random Butterfly by Bloodraine-Shire Random Butterfly :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 Wispy Elven Maiden by Bloodraine-Shire Wispy Elven Maiden :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 P.S.M.D. - Through a World of Light - Ch.1 Cover by Bloodraine-Shire P.S.M.D. - Through a World of Light - Ch.1 Cover :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 4 0 Jack and Seth - Those Quiet Moments by Bloodraine-Shire Jack and Seth - Those Quiet Moments :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 Jack and Seth by Bloodraine-Shire Jack and Seth :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 6 1 Art Practice by Bloodraine-Shire Art Practice :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 5 0 Dem Gourds WIP by Bloodraine-Shire Dem Gourds WIP :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 2 0 Crowley Portrait WIP 2 by Bloodraine-Shire Crowley Portrait WIP 2 :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 Demon Eyes 03 by Bloodraine-Shire Demon Eyes 03 :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 2 0 Demon Eyes 02 by Bloodraine-Shire Demon Eyes 02 :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 2 0 Demon Eyes 01 by Bloodraine-Shire Demon Eyes 01 :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 2 0 Rhinxe x Koryu by Bloodraine-Shire Rhinxe x Koryu :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 5 0 Rhinxe and Kohaku Tango by Bloodraine-Shire Rhinxe and Kohaku Tango :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 Rhelic's First Taste of Coffee by Bloodraine-Shire Rhelic's First Taste of Coffee :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 2 0 Rhelic - Dragon Form - Relaxing by Bloodraine-Shire Rhelic - Dragon Form - Relaxing :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 3 0 Let's Bother Risu ft. Kohaku and Rica by Bloodraine-Shire Let's Bother Risu ft. Kohaku and Rica :iconbloodraine-shire:Bloodraine-Shire 4 0
My Art

Random Favourites

OC ref dump by Iatrophilia OC ref dump :iconiatrophilia:Iatrophilia 18 0 Ouran_Id_Chiharu_Mizuki by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Ouran_Id_Chiharu_Mizuki :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono:Miyuki-Tsukiyono 21 17 KoA: Jasper by ripple09 KoA: Jasper :iconripple09:ripple09 47 31 Pokedo - Kezia by Ryo-Sho-Sen Pokedo - Kezia :iconryo-sho-sen:Ryo-Sho-Sen 25 19 Mavryx App(retired) by McPippypants Mavryx App(retired) :iconmcpippypants:McPippypants 141 41 DCM: Meido - chan by ThatChubbyCosplayer DCM: Meido - chan :iconthatchubbycosplayer:ThatChubbyCosplayer 47 13 Never Forgotten by Tigryph Never Forgotten :icontigryph:Tigryph 11 2 (CLOSED SPECIES) Honey Falls REF by Bellerae (CLOSED SPECIES) Honey Falls REF :iconbellerae:Bellerae 29 14 Let the magic out by GabiHorseArt98 Let the magic out :icongabihorseart98:GabiHorseArt98 10 3 Tomorrow Is A Long Time by briarrosed Tomorrow Is A Long Time :iconbriarrosed:briarrosed 21 12 Guilty, Guilty, Love... by callousvixen
Mature content
Guilty, Guilty, Love... :iconcallousvixen:callousvixen 290 76
Disney Symbolism by jay3jay Disney Symbolism :iconjay3jay:jay3jay 283 111 I'll make this song for you by Kechake I'll make this song for you :iconkechake:Kechake 109 35 Sand of Time by Christel-Michiels Sand of Time :iconchristel-michiels:Christel-Michiels 158 47 Old love by ruhegeist Old love :iconruhegeist:ruhegeist 13 6 Spiders hate a Phony by KeswickPinhead Spiders hate a Phony :iconkeswickpinhead:KeswickPinhead 14 2
My random as hell Favs. >3


Random Butterfly
Once again, another of those random mouse doodles I just started messing with. 
Enjoy~Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) 
Wispy Elven Maiden
I have no idea. I was just trying to keep busy while not waking anyone else. So.. I did this on some random art app with my mouse. XD 
It's also Transparent for some odd reason. Don't know why I chose that.

I kinda like it so.. mission success? Shrug 
P.S.M.D. - Through a World of Light - Ch.1 Cover
So... I, being the geek that I am, have been sitting on this idea for awhile now. Just.. a Pokemon related comic. Be it this or a Nuzlocke (Which I have some story written out for one already).

Now, I literally just got this game, Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon, and I have absolutely no idea as to what the story is like.

One thing is for certain: If I continue this, it's gonna be slow as hell, cause I'm still not fully used to tablet art. I'm gonna make this practice for myself, if I feel inclined to draw. (Artist blocks and inspiration tend to go in spurts for me lately.. Gosh darned inspiration. WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne  ) 

If anyone likes this and wants to slowly follow my snail-paced meandering through this, be my guest. XD
Feel free to let me know~ .Bendy Icon. 


Art is mine.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, I just like to play with it~
Jack and Seth - Those Quiet Moments
Another drawing for the extremely kind Valentine on Lioden. c:

Seth belongs to Valentine.
Jack belongs to their best friend.
Jack and Seth
This was a made for Valentine #34494 on Lioden. c:

The character Seth belongs to Valentine #34494.
The character Jack belongs to their best friend. 


Dominique Frey
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
1: What's your favorite color? 
Storm Grey, though any form of grey is okay.
Quntos: Um.. Brown, I guess. Though a really light yellow is also pretty.

2: Where do you work? 
Aperture Science: Pony Testing Initiative (P.T.I.)
Quntos: I....ummmm....don't work...?

3: What's your favorite food? 
 I'd have to say English Muffins lightly toasted with butter and cinnamon brown sugar.
Quntos: Well....If I had to choose, I would pick pickled letes with grubsauce.

4: Does your prefer paper or plastic? 

5: How old are you? 

6: Do you have any supernatural powers? 

7: Are you in a relationship? 

8: What are some of your strengths? 

9: What are some of your weaknesses? 

10: What is your favorite outfit? 

11: What is your spirit animal? 

12: Are you sexually active? 

13: What is your earliest memory? 

14: Do you have a cell phone? If so, what kind? 

15: What makes you angry? 

16: When is your favorite time of year?

17: How long can you hold your breath? 

18: What kind of underwear does you wear? 

19: Do you prefer polka dots or plaid? 

20: What's your favorite kind of pizza? 

21: Who is your best friend? 

22: Have you ever killed someone? 

23: Whats your biggest secret? 

24: What do you smell like? 

25: What time of year does you prefer? 

26: Are you a human or an animal? (Or something else idk) 

27: What languages ​​do you speak? 

28: Do you like anime? 

29: Can you swim? 

30: What do you choose to do about the, er, hair down there? 

31: Do you believe in fairies? 

32: Did you go to college?

33: Are your parents dead? 

35: How flexible are you?

36: What turns you on? 

37: What was your first word? 

38: Do your have any pets? 

39: Who is your biggest enemy? 

40: What is the craziest thing you have done? 

41: What is your motto about life? 

42: Do you drink coffee or tea? 

43: Who is your hero? 

44: What color eyes do you have? 

45: Do you like reading? 

46: Are you loyal? 

47: Do you tolerate violence? 

48: What social class are you from? 

49: What country were you born in? 

50: Do you cry easily? 

51: What is your favorite genre of music? 

52: How do you feel about insects? 

53: What is your sexual orientation?

54: Do you smoke? 

55: What gender are you? 

56: What kind of clothes do you wear? 

57: Would you call yourself adventurous?

58: Are you introverted or extroverted?

59: What is the first thing someone would notice that's about you? 

60: Do you enjoy nature? 

  • Listening to: Pretty music.
  • Reading: The expiration date behind my eyelids.
  • Watching: The Croods on Netflix.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Haven't yet. Soon. Hopefully.
  • Drinking: Warm Honey Milk

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